11 December 2008

December lights photo challenge

I know Christmas is twice evil being an over-commercialization of a religious manifestation and I know the New Year is a fake event with a randomly set date, but beyond that December is a time when a large number of cities around the world change their faces, being decorated in various creative ways. So I think we have the opportunity for a community-wide kind of game: grab your cameras, get out, take photos from your city and share them for all of us to enjoy.

It seems like I succeeded in persuading a few people to join the game, both Mo and Michael showed their interest, so don't be shy and join us, the "game" is not limited to the member of the Art Team.

To break the ice, here is a poor photo I made last week-end in the Bucharest city center (Piața Universității) - this week-end I plan to do some more and better, actually using a tripod, a larger area, other places...

Chrismas city lights in Piata Universitatii, Bucharest


  1. Here's my Christmas light photo of the year: http://www.flickr.com/photos/afsilva/3087269093/

  2. anderson, I invite you to our flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/fedora-art/