15 December 2008

Miserable Failure or Rain and the City Lights

After I challenged everyone to shoot the city lights, it was natural to eagerly await the week-end and do my own photos, something I planned to to the last Saturday. But that day, despite an acceptable temperature, a cold wind was blowing and a cold rain was falling down... a weather to not leave your dog out, the photographer even less so.

Seeing the weather forecast about a rainy Sunday too and the rain slowing down a bit around the noon, I decided to go out and try my best. Bad decision, with the night falling the rain intensified, it became colder and colder and after a few failed shots I thought my camera does not deserve the punishment and went home. It is not like that was the last day on Earth.

Sunday the weather was a bit better but not good enough to get me out...

Rain and Christmas Lights

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