12 November 2008

Keep Internet Explorer?

I never saw such a button on a website in the modern age (after the "e;Browser Wars") so I wonder who and why... get serious, "KEEP INTERNET EXPLORER"... someone still the worst browser on the face of the earth? What's this, a manifestation of the Stockholm syndrome?

keep internet explorer

Easy to understand why I obfuscated the URL, I don't want to drive any traffic to such a website, but it is in Romanian and the text say "This site is optimized for Internet Explorer. Vor visitors using Firefox, we recommend at least the version"


  1. maybe they want to say "keepkilling iexplorer"

    and save the web with webkit/ffx

  2. I cannot stand how my site looks different in IE. Why don't they (MS) follow the standards!

  3. Thomas, I understand your question is rhetoric, but I'll venture with an answer for the occasional reader stumbling here: MS behaviour is a remaining from the "Browser Wars" and their "embrace and extend" corporate culture.