19 November 2008


More than once after a photo shooting session I had the impulse to blog about how it went, the ups and downs, to echo my happiness or frustration. And usually I restrained myself from doing so, as I felt it will be useless noise in the various places places where it is aggregated - not a good thing to restrain yourself.

Of course I could use tags to filter the topics, but I don't want to be that restrictive and let from time to time some offtopic posts, so after some deliberation I decided to start a new blog, dedicated to photography (don't hurry up there, you won't find any upskirt photo), this way I can have a cleaner layout, a simpler navigation and a better URL.

With the launch of the new blog I did an important amount of preparation work: using scheduled post with a date in the past I populated the blog with photos from all those months since I have my current camera.

Of course I will still post photos here, but only when I think the subject is worthy. And, of course, the content on the new blog is also Free.


  1. Nicu,

    Great photos. Although the girls are nice to look at, your still lifes really make the blog worthwhile. You've got a great eye.