08 July 2005

Potato revived

Do you remember my earlier Potato Head generator?

Today I found one of my friends, which is a CS student used images from it to make a Hangman game for one exam (Web Programming). I was almost thrilled by this.


As you can easily see (from the bad dithering of a gif version or the layout of the page), she is a newbie, but the really bat thing is the page does not work on Mozilla, because on specific JavaScript she used. She got a 10 for this, but if I was the professor, I would not give even a 5.


When I complained the page does not works, the reply was candid "Try it in another browser, I tested it in Internet Explorer and Opera".

Sorry, dtinad, no cake for you today! You still have to learn what all this Word Wide Web is about, and program to the standards, not to a specific monopolist browser.
And be assured I will not link from my blog to such a broken page.

Also today and also about the Potato Head, Alan reminded me about GCompris.

Thanks Alan, I remember them, they were one of the first users of my images published on the Open Clip Art Library.

But I should witness I am a kind of zealot, if it is not a GNOME program probably I will not use it, so is not a very attractive target for me.


  1. I checked the dependacious before suggesting Gcompris, it does use GTK although it clearly uses SDL primarily.