28 February 2007

Red Hat Magazine - The Open Palette

 The Open Palette

Red Hat Magazine started a series of of tutorials on how to create art with Free and Open Source creative tools. The first in the series, authored by me with help from Mairin is titled How to use Inkscape’s new blur filter and is a celebration (albeit a little late) of the 0.45 release of Inkscape.

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I used my own research on orbs, a little inspiration from Ryan's tip about 3D text combined with other minor elements (trace, inset/outset. boolean operations) and excessive use of blur.

The same technique can be extended, even to create something like this:

fedora logo 3D

More tutorials

The column in Red Hat Magazine will continue (probably monthly) with other interesting subjects (we already have a list of ideas), but the tutorials posted on my own site and blog are put on-hold for the time being, due to the lack of reaction to my previous call for help.


  1. Good job. I think this tutorial should be also published on artwork wiki section of fedoraproject.org.

  2. Nice job, you can't teach creativity, but it always helps to know the techniques.

  3. Luya, unfortunately the license from RHM is not compatible with the Fedora Wiki and I can publish it in another place only after some months.
    But we can link to it.