13 February 2008

The Fedora Xfce Spin

[xfce]I am an old GNOME user and I intend to stay this way, it would be very hard for another DE to lure me into using it full time (or even part time) but I always had an inclination to have a look at Xfce, having it installed on my system, even if I don't log in it for months, so after the release announcement of the new Fedora 8 Xfce spin I downloaded it for a quick look.

As expected, it has a tight selection of software to fit on one single live CD, but it is nice and snappy:


While downloading there very few peers available it was very fresh and the news didn't spread enough yet, so digging the announcement and continue seeding may help.


  1. Very cool, Dugg :)

    It looks like this release is really targeted at older computers? That's not really my preference, unfortunately, but a lot of people prefer Xfce just because it's the only thing that will run on their computers, so I guess it's good to see a large distribution having a spin-off like this. This spin will likely also be more attractive to them as the Ubuntu base is really getting heavier and heavier, so Xubuntu can't really target that old machines anymore.

    Personally, however, I'll stick with Xubuntu for the time being, but I'm tempted to burn this to a CD to give it a shot :)

  2. I suspect the target was to make it 1 CD, so the space constraint drived the application selection.

    I tried it with qemu mostly to see what's on the CD (I have Xfce installed on my desktop and customized to resemble my GNOME setup as much as possible, but almost never use it).