18 August 2009

GIMP and bullshitometers

I can be sympathetic with someone arguing GIMP is not good enough for him due to the lack of CMYK support (I was bitten recently when exceptionally had to print some stuff), I can understand a photographer needing more than 8 bit color channels, I can see why adjustment layers can make your life easier, I can contemplate the [legal] impossibility to have Pantone colors and so on.... But when a self-called designer and self-called user of both Photoshop and GIMP criticise GIMP's interface and usability serving as "proof" his need to search for 2 hours (!!!) to find the Crop function, then my bullshitometer alert is reaching record levels.

[gimp crop tool]

...well, at least I hope is only bullshit, otherwise it would be just sad. Part of the same argumentation line: GIMP's layer selection. Duh!


  1. On the CMYK front there are some small signs of progress...well planning at least


    specifically these 2 blog postings are an interesting read


  2. Hah! I was reading exactly the same (m+mi works) blog at this time :D

  3. Dude can't find the crop tool, dude ain't looking. I agree with your sentiments :

  4. Even if he can't recognise the icon or handle the concept of tooltips — it still dangles from the Tools menu.