02 July 2010

Is my sunglasses curse broken?

Let me take you a couple of years back in time, when the Romanian Fedora community was young and we were set to take over the world. GSLM invited us to keep some presentation in the city of Cluj Napoca at the Babes - Bolyai University and full of enthusiasm we went with a large team (me, Adrian, Alex, Andrei and Andrei). I was wearing a nice pair of new sunglasses, which were not cheap at all and being new and me not really used with them, I obviously lost them somewhere, most likely forgot on the table where we went for the beer after. And so is how my sunglasses curse began. Or at least how I became aware of it.

Sure, at the time I was not aware it is a curse, so I bought a new pair, but this time a cheaper one, but still nice. Which of course didn't last much... I lost it 3 months later on the bus going to the Brno FUDCon, so I became once again glassesless. And then I said to myself: "hmmm... this is like a curse, maybe I am supposed to not wear any sunglasses". And life went forward...

Well... do you think I can learn a lesson? Of course not... next spring when the sun started to shine again I did it again and bought yet another pair. And it lasted until... yes! you guessed right... until the Berlin FUDCon, I realised I don't have them as soon as I got out of the plane at the return in Bucharest. And then I knew there is a curse and I am not supposed to buy other sunglasses.

And you are surely right if you guesses I didn't learn enough from that! Next year, another spring, sun shining again and be buying new sunglasses, this time an "outdoor" model, supposed to be resistant. Soon after that, when doing a second photo session with the model famous from my Fedora T-shirt pictorial I put the sunglasses in the pocket to not lose them again and broke them! The curse at work, of course... but for the time being I avoided it using some superglue.

A few weeks later, after work I was going to a place where I do some design extra-work (this is the first event in the story which is not Fedora related - I just use Fedora do to design for something which will work also on Linux). Got out of the subway and was surprised by a really heavy rain. Ran a little but to get cover under the nearby umbrellas where I did wait a few minutes for the rain to slow down so I can go forward. The rain stopped and I started to walk when I noticed the sunglasses which where hanging to the collar of my T-shirt are missing. Oh! the curse again! probably that was the sound when I was running in the rain...

Hopeless, I tracked back my steps, looking down, maybe I see the glasses and they are not completely damaged. It was looking like no luck for me when I heard someone shouting for me: the sellers at a street fast-food store (a shawarma place) were calling me: they say me dropping the glasses, picked them and now retuning them to me. Thanks a lot guys! Now I wonder if the curse is broken at last...

Anyway, if you are hungry and near the Brâncoveanu subway station, here is the fast-food place, this those nice people that fully deserve this shameless advertising, if their foos tastes half as good as their gesture you are set (bad photo taken with my infamous cell phone, it still rained so I kept the camera in my backpack):


Advised by a colleague, a couple of days ago I bought a string so the glasses will hang on my neck and the curse may not manifest itself again but... I think I will have to wait until the Zurich FUDCon before declaring it dead or alive.


  1. You have to do a task for me in order to release you from this awful curse.

  2. @Adrian: and this involves paying back for Brno?

  3. Yeah Brno payback and some dark Jedi magic :) !

  4. Waves hand: this is not the payback you are looking for...

  5. Te-ai uitat dupa femei si ti-ai dat ochelarii jos. Cam asa i-ai pierdut...