03 August 2010

I am going to FLOSSCamp 2010

I can't miss FLOSSCamp, it has become a tradition and everybody will be there (all the tribes that matter). It will happen at Poiana Secuilor, near Predeal, and everybody is invited: those wanting more freedom (or a cheaper price) can stay in their tents, those wanting more comfort can stay at a chalet. Win-win.

If you don't know what is a FLOSSCamp for us, here is a description: an offline meeting for FLOSS contributors from all Romania, no matter their project affiliation, where we spend a week-end in the middle of the nature, with talks, distro-wars, camp fire, beer, grilled food, fun time and so on (a flamewar is so much better face to have with a beer in hand...) See below an illustration from the last year:


Note: the rumour is there will be available at least a barrel with unfiltered beer..

My plan is to gather a small group, leaving together from Gara de Nord on Friday afternoon, so we are there for the first evening/night.

PS: limited time offer - there is still a free place in my (famous Fedora) tent so if anyone is interested, ping me FAST.


  1. *What* famous tent?

    Everybody[1] had fedora stickers on theirs.

    [1] everybody but me. I don't like Fedora that much :)

    Let me look for some Ubuntu stickers... Think I had some in the drawer.

  2. It is gonna be famous since I will be inside :D