17 March 2011

When uploading to Wikimedia Commons a few photos taken in the last weekend in Târgoviște, it was the perfect opportunity to remember how difficult is to pay attention when filling all the metadata and notice how plenty of apps on my GNOME desktop are able to upload to various proprietary services like flickr, Picasaweb or facebook, but none I know of will make it easy to upload to Wikimedia. Or there is one and I didn't do my searching homework well? Or it is deliberately so to keep the spam under control?

Update: as suggested in the comments, I tried commonist, a Scala/webstart app, which is not bad at all, not as desktop integrated as a real app would be, not as easy to launch and missing a few features, but it does 90% of the needed job... is probably the best option.


PS: yes, at the first look seeing the splash I wondered if I caught a virus or trojan...

Update: after using the tool for another upload, I think I have to adjust my rating: it does 75% of the job :)


  1. Have you tried Commonist? It doesn't come in any Linux distribution AFAIK, but it is fairly easy to use, including directly from the browser.


  2. Also see http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Tools#Upload_media for other tools

  3. Thanks, Commonist is useful, I updated the post

  4. I've been working on adding Mediawiki support to any applcation which uses the KIPI framework (gwenview, digikam, and a handful of others) based on the example code from http://gitorious.org/~yoms/project-silk/isi-project-silk