04 May 2011

Stop to the installing woes

A couple of weeks ago at a city photo walk with friends, I saw this "Windows install" add on a street trash can, found it funny enough for a photo, but was lazy enough to kneel in the dirt for a proper shoot.

windows install

I was decided not to post such a crappy picture until I saw yesterday a funnier ad which made a good set with the can above, this one is from the tram station near my home and the interesting line says "Installing Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Linux and Mac + Drivers - 9€". Duh! the crafty kid in the neighbors is doing Linux too :D This means for a mere equivalent of 9€ (that is 35 RON) I can escape all my installing woes?
windows install

I do not feel trollish enough to call the number and ask for a Gentoo install... or ask for a desktop on a PC with totally unsupported hardware >:) Hint someone bored enough?

PS: now I shrug for not kneeling in front of the trash can, a better pic could have been used for a demotivational poster in my collection, one about Windows being just the right OS to be installed on a trash can... and maybe GNOME 3 being so bad and not deserving even that :D

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