26 March 2012

Distro naming and an opportunity to learn

There is an ongoing debate on the advisory board list about the naming of Fedora releases, it started from a ticked for the Board (not public) where, as I understand, complained about "Beefy Miracle" connotations in some cultures (cattle slaughtering). This sparkled a discussion about the purpose and meaning of release names in general, if the tradition is to be abolished, continued or changed and such.

I wish we had a more relaxed community, where people have fun and feel good, don't get easily offended. For example if the Beefy Miracle successor happens to receive an Indian food name, as there are some proposals, I would like people from Western cultures not complain about it being "obscure" but get the opportunity to learn, maybe have some of our Indian contributors putting up tutorials about making that dish and some of us trying them, why not?

PS: this opinion is not related to my Indian experience, I would say the same about any "exotic" alternative.

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