13 September 2012


For a community project (and not only) you need a solid base: a good infrastructure, good processes and clear goals. With this base built, people are enabled to come and make it shine, acting themselves like heroes. But people come and go, a solid base will make heroes appear continuously, a healthy project will have both.

The incontestable hero this year on Wiki Loves Monuments is Pere López, a long-time wikipedian who uploaded by himself over 5700 pictures so far and continues to do it. He is returning to the contest, after he was a top contributor in the previous year too. And his close "competitor" (they help each other) is another Catalan contributor, Enfo, now at over 3800 pictures.

In the Romanian contest, we have our own hero too, Andrei Kokelburg is the top contributor, closing to 1100 pictures so far, and he will continue uploading too. Currently, Andrei is ranked the 6-th in the global uploaders (5-th if we don't count a robot doing automatic flickr imports). He is passionate about this (as a museum painting restorer in his "real life") and will continue contributing historical monuments photos even after the contest ends.

And they are not the only ones, in Romania we have over 120 people participating so far, 5 of them with over 100 pictures each. The total number of peoples in the contest? 5612 and we still have a couple of days until the half of its duration (more stats on the dedicated page, which keeps into account only activity on Commons, there are other sources too).

There is time for more heroes to step up and I am looking at YOU :D

Agnita Ansamblul bisericii evanghelice fortificate (1)
picture by Andrei Kokelburg contributed under a CC-BY-SA license to Wikimedia Commons.

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