11 October 2012

From G+ with love

The Fedora community is very active on Google Plus, with many community members being active there and sharing interesting things (generally on g+ you will find quality stuff about technology, photography, politics and such). I thought about sharing a recent one.

It starts with a humorous picture about the repeated F18 release delay:

by D.J. Walker-Morgan on g+

Then it get shared by various people, leading to interesting conversation where high Fedora contributors talk about the feature process, Anaconda new UI, testing plans, development cycles, FESCo and such. Worth a read, is public.

Appreciating the humour, I share it myself only to get another humorous reply "next fedora should be called Fedora Nukem Forever"... yeah, I know the naming process for the next Fedora started, but the anal geek in me shouts: that's the next Fedora, the delayed one is the current F18, Spherical Cow, too late to change that without adding another delay... oh wait! that would be priceless!