21 March 2013

Call for help: WLMRO

I am relaying the call for help I wrote (in Romanian) to our local Wiki Loves Monuments contest website: it seems like 2013 is the last year when the historical monuments free photography contest is held at international level (to avoid contributors burnout) and perhaps the last we will organize in Romania either (individual countries may continue on their own in the following years).

So 2011 and 2012 were big successes, now for 2013 the organizing team for Romania is smaller, for the contest to happen we need contributors, otherwise is going to be very low profile. Step forward, we need a few contributors, they need a little experience with Wikipedia (really basic things, easy to learn), some communication skills and a lot of enthusiasm. The activity won't take much time and won't be hard (the infrastructure is up and running, ProLinux is helping again). But it will make you feel good, I promise! You will help Wikipedia and promote national history and culture.

Of course, we could use some help from sponsors, so we are able to offer prizes, but participating volunteers are way more important!

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