19 September 2013

A kind of low-hanging fruits

Last year I traveled quite a bit, so when Wiki Loves Monuments came, I was prepared with a sizable pack of pictures ready to upload to Wikipedia (IIRC, close to 10% from all Romanian uploads). This year my mobility was greatly reduced so the contest found me unprepared, with practically no picture ready to upload, which can't be: if I can contribute myself, how can I tell others to do?
Long story short, the best strategy was to attack low-hanging fruits: looking at the list of monuments in Bucharest I noticed some areas with many buildings marked as historical monuments but having no photos at Commons, so for today (well, yesterday, is already past midnight) I selected two streets for a personal photo walk.
Net results? in ~2.5 hours, ~150 pictures, which I am still uploading. I jumped as one of the top 5 Romanian contributors. Not bad for low-hanging fruits. If the stars will align, maybe next week will get the time for one or two more such walks.

wiki loves monuments
There is another benefit of such strategy: as one can see in the picture above, those buildings are not sexy, is not expected to win any photography prize with pictures of them, so they are not likely targets for people aiming for prizes (big drawback of Wiki Loves Monuments being presented as a contest.) Good thing there are some of us (organizers, jury) not running for prizes: the grunt work has to be done.

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