15 November 2013


At first, I received the invitation for the Programatica - Open Source conference for the Fedora community, but since I don't have much to say on this matter, I passed it (I am a Linux desktop user these days and Fedora does not shine there). When the invitation arrived at ProLinux and was difficult to find a speaker, I offered myself for the task.

The conference was mixed, it had 3 tracks: open source projects, open source communities and celebration of 20 years of internet in Romania. The first part, the projects, was about an Arduino clone from Intel (and a Linux distro to match), a Microsoft Azure sales pitch from a local distributor and a F-Droid for FirefoxOS from Ceata. The communities included Ceata (again), "Informatica la castel" summer school, ROSEdu, ProLinux and YATE, which is not quite a community. The last track brought panels and talks with some of the internet pioneers in the country.

My talk was a short one and quite generic (slides here): in an age when so much money are invested in Linux and Open Source and so much money are drawn from them, there is still a need for the community? We believe so.

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