30 April 2014

Firefox 29

firefox 29
Probably everybody already heard there is a new Firefox release and it changes many things and already has an opinion about it. Unfortunately I don't have the audience to gather a significant sample, but if anyone runs such a poll, I would be genuinely interested.

Which Firefox user interface do you prefer?
  1. Firefox 29 (the latest, just released)
  2. Firefox 4-28 (still on long term support)
  3. Firefox pre-4 (before the "keyhole")
  4. Seamonkey (the suite)
  5. I don't care (as long at it open web pages)
Of course i am coming here from an angle: I prefer the apps on my desktop to be consistent with each other, as layout, structure, widgets placement, shortcuts, behavior( I was happy the old Firefox never got the "keyhole" on Linux.) Still, not enough to move to something like Midori , where the look and feel is totally native but the set of features smaller.


  1. I'm a big fan of SeaMonkey but, answering in the spirit of the question, I'm an even bigger fan of consistency when it comes to GUIs.

    I know, this is 2014 and consistent is "boring", but that's me. I want my "File" menu to always be the first one on the left, always opened by ALT+F, to always have "Quit" as the last command and the accelerator for that to always be "q" -- and I could go on for hours. Why, I hear you asking? Well, imagine somebody would change CTRL+C/CTRL+V to something else in every application -- would you like it? Then you know how happy I am when things remain consistent ;-)

  2. I use midori and chromium, so I'm not sure I can answer your question without maybes, but from I saw at the release video, the new interface's rather bad for my taste. I hate those menus with huge icons and I especially hate the symbolic icons that seem to be the fad everywhere. And yeah, consistency between apps is best.

  3. Currently I'm using Chromium, but the upcoming Aura seems to be a mess on KDE so I'm seriously thinking to switch on Firefox very soon. IMHO the new Firefox's UI looks way better than I expected and with some patches from OpenSuSE I get a good integration with KDE (native file dialogs, for example). The only big issue is Flash: on Chromium I was using Google's Pepper Flash version, but on Firefox probably I'll have to get stick with the old 11.2 version.

  4. (b) I think I can live with FF29, but one of my most important add-ons (Feed Sidebar) is now partially broken. Some of the basic functionality of FF (like the list of open tabs) seems to be missing.

  5. (a) OK, I changed my mind. The list of open tabs is actually there and the Feed Sidebar works again.

  6. I like some aspects of the new UI, but I really like tabs below the URL bar. I understand the conceptual cleanliness of the on-top approach, but I tend to have a lot open and flip between them with the mouse, and they're that much closer and also seem easier to hit.