20 November 2014

Shooting yourself in the foot, part 53326: Mozilla

Step 1: with bad design decisions one after another (Australis is a shining example of that) slide yourself into irrelevance;
Step 2: when market share goes below some threshold, the main sponsor diminishes (or suspend?) payments;
Step 3: in retaliation, hurt the users by forcing om them a sub-par alternative as a default;
Step 4: profit bleed even more angry users and go even faster into irrelevance.

Brilliant strategy Mozilla!

Myself, I am still using Firefox for the time being, but that's exclusively due to Gecko.


  1. Agree with you for step 2,3,4, but why is Australis a bad design?

    1. for one, because is so close to the Chrome UI, if i would that, i would use Chromium. for another, because it looks alien compared with the rest of my desktop. for yet another, because it removes or makes harder to reach functionality i use.

  2. Ok, now I understand as it is only a matter of taste, my desktop looks like that


    Do you think is alien?

    Functionality, I think is better in firefox than chromium. I was expecting a more specific answer , with perhaps 1 or 2 disadvantages of the new design. Everybody says about the new design that is bad, but in fact it's only a matter of taste.


    Off: I like your pictures

    1. yes, is alien. the title bar does not match any other app on my desktop, neither that weird menu.

      i don't use the new design, except the few minutes when i *have to* use a Windows desktop.

      actually a couple of days ago i had to put a Firefox on someone's XP desktop and was impossible to make it look native, no matter what it stands-out, even with the classic theme restorer extension.