23 August 2005

OCAL 5K Continued

ocal 5k Considering the OCAL 5K initiative I talked about yesterday, I figured out is time to put my clipart where my mouth is: contribute some images.

But the time is short, my inspiration dry and wasn't able to find something simple yet attractive to make me work on it. After some thinking I got an idea: publish the elements form some older and unpublished works:

  • from the Potato Guy I took the hats, smokes, mouths, one year and one tie

  • from the game map I took the individual elements (which I intended anyway to submit sooner or later) and one yet unpublished separate graphic

  • the Snowman was already published, but I intended for quite some time to take apart a couple of elements: the hat and the broom

The net result? 53 newly submitted images towards the 5k goal.

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