02 August 2005


The submission system at Open Clip Art Library is abused from time to time will various inappropriate content: game screenshots, porn, desktop screenshots and other images. This had generated a couple of threads on our list on what to do with porn and what kind of nude images should be accepted and not.

I am sure every graphician has tried to draw such images but have not published them for various reasons: may be the low quality, the shame to acknowledge this in public, the source of inspiration or whatever else.

As I am human and graphician wannabe, of course I tried too, playing with the calligraphic lines on top of some pictures:
[Click here for pr0n]

I think from a moral or artistic point of view, these images are perfectly suitable for OCAL, but the originality is the problem: the original images are some random pictures from the internet, I don't have any rights on them (here is the place for another discuss, what "derivative" works means and where is the line).

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  1. Even hotter than ASCII porn!!!

    This is all just very silly indeed.