17 October 2005

Borked Colours

Have a look of this:


It seems the Photoshop-fu is weak in the person who made it, he managed to alter my cake and transform the chocolate is some disgusting chemicals:

Also the blue colour of "Office.org" is bad: it should be the same as the horizontal bar (R6, G52, B140).

In my experience this is caused by colour setting in Photoshop: next time use GIMP, dude!


  1. It's more likely the person modified the image on purpose. It's kinda hard for a single brown (yours) to turn into both red (the topping) and yellow (the middle), don't you think? ;)

  2. Well, yes, but he broke also the blue colour in the logo and these days some guys wrote an entire manual about logo style.

  3. Maybe they wanted the frosting to be strawberry and vanilla. In any case, I would just be happy to see my art in action. Rock on Nicu.