11 October 2005

Tango Project

I am trying to understand what is this Tango Desktop Project, beside the claim of "exists to create a consistent user experience for free and Open Source software with graphical user interfaces".
The Icon Theme Guidelines look like a fork of the GNOME HIG but using instead a very bright look for icons, it reminds me of KDE.
Beside the talk about all Open Source GUI applications, of GNOME, KDE and Mozilla, the people behind it are exclusively GNOME people from Novell.
Maybe I am mistaken, but it looks to me pretty much as a HIG fork, as adopting it by GNOME would obsolete its own guidelines.


  1. They're aiming for something different, much like Bluecurve did a few years ago (and did it very well, I may add). Jimmac explained it in his blog. Perhaps even OpenClipart would be interested in joining. ;)

  2. I would say CREATE is somewhat related (OCAL was one of its founders).

    But I still don't understand: if I want to do a GNOME icon, what style should I follow, Tango or GNOME HIG? Both have contradicting specs on colour palette for example.

    Bluecurve is the icon theme I still use on my desktop, but honestly, it is vendor-specific and Red Hat made this clear form the beginning.

  3. If you want to make a GNOME icon, follow the latest GNOME HIG. If you want a desktop neutral icon make a Tango icon. It should be easy to derive both from a common base (at least the SVG version).