19 October 2006

Calla Lilly

This is not about software or Open Source, if you are not interested in my ranting, please skip this post.

Not sure how, I got a couple of white Calla Lilly on my garden.

They bloomed for the first time in the middle June when it has hot, sunny and I was happy. The flowers withered after a few weeks of the torrid summer about at the same time with my good spirit.

After a couple of months they bloomed again. It was a bad time: I was depressed, whitout any drop of vital energy. They bloomed and withered without any consequence.

Now, in this dark, cold and rainy October, in an exercise of supreme futility another bud appeared. I highly doubt it will get to bloom, the leaves are in the process of becoming yellow and brown, air temperature approaches negative values in the morning.

Winter is coming, I wonder it will survive and live another year with this hostile climate.

Note: pictures taken back in June.

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