06 October 2006

Raster to Vector conversion

So Rejon is trying to kick me out of my current apathy by making me write more on my blog... Well, it does not work but at least I hope this is an informative post.

We, at the Open Clip Art Library, received a donation from worldlabel.com, it consist of a number of clipart images, unfortunately in raster (JPEG) format.

The policy of our library is to accept only images in vector format (preferably SVG), so we have to do some conversion. At first, Gerald came with the idea to manually trace the images, basically redrawing them and maybe use the opportunity to improve them. I was supporting more an automatic trace, as a chance to get beginners involved.

At this point Ryan came with a nice tutorial about converting from raster to vector using both Inkscape and The Gimp. I think the process can be greatly simplified by using only Inkscape and select the right parameters for trace, so I did my own simplified tutorial.

Shortly: for new people wanting to contribute to Open Clip Art Library, we have a very simple task: raster images wanting to be converted to vector, and two nice tutorials describing the process.

Note: for people in the Fedora Art project, this is the ccHost in use, which I think would be useful for us.

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