28 March 2007


I don't know if this is just a technical glitch[*] or straight censure, but one of the Planet aggregators carrying my blog selectively skip content (I talk about this post).
If I am censored, please either a) drop me from aggregation or b) stop censoring.

Thank you.

[*] - I doubt very much the glitch, as a lot of other aggregators (some run by me) are just fine

Update: Further investigation and cooperation of the admin show a technical problem. Too bad I write once in a while an article for my Romanian readers and then something happens and is not delivered in the channel. There must be a moral to this story...


  1. > one of the Planet aggregators

  2. this post has Romania as one of its labels, so...

    for now I will give the admins the benefit of the doubt and not call names yet.

  3. Is it Planet linux360? :) It seems it's not being displayed there either but it's present in the rss feed. It must be some technical reason, however I don't know which. The posts are allowed full-length, no limit is imposed on their length (this hasn't changed for quite some time now) and afaik Planet has no built-in censoring mechanism. Other than that, I can't do much since I don't know Python. :(

  4. I have no ideea where it fail, but other 3 PlanetPlanet instances have no problem with it.

    When I have problems with the PlantePlanet sites I maintain I run them in the console and watch the messages, if something fail, it is usually shown there (like syntax error in the feed).

    You may have also a bug in the template and it fail fo take consecutive posts into account (unclosed tags or whatever). I have no idea if such an error is shown on the console.

  5. [root@heracles ~]# ./planet.py ./linux360/fancy/config.ini
    [root@heracles ~]#

    Nada. Any helping/debugging hand is welcome. :(

  6. Censorship accusations should not be thrown around so lightly. You may want to consider what you are saying before you say it.

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