20 March 2007

Linux Personas

Winning Against Linux is a site where Microsoft identifies Linux users as personas, along with the ways to convert us to using their products and even the money they think can get. Awesome!

me, viewed by microsoft

I modified in the screenshot just one small detail, for increased realism: the user photo.

PS: so they fight if they feel the need need to win, the conclusion is that we have just one more step.


  1. Hahaha, that's an awesome profile picture.

    I'm pretty amazed at microsoft actually publishing a site like this. As opposed to keeping it as internal marketing material. Like you said, looks like a good sign.

  2. Now is closed :(
    It shows this message:
    This material is being updated and will be made available to Microsoft partners shortly.

  3. But we are talknig about Microsoft, they are not known for being smart, the front page is closes but it seems the actual presentation can still be accessed: http://www.linuxpersonas.com/uscsi_content.html

  4. Nicu! They must be reading your blog!

  5. Then I must be famous or something...

  6. Did anybody download the presentation who can mirror it?

  7. Yes, I have a copy of the presentation, contact me directly. I will not post it online by myself as I am not sure about its copyright status.