11 July 2007

Fedora 8 themes - Round 1

Later today, 11 July, is the end date of the Round 1 in the 3 round process to create a new theme for the next release, Fedora 8.

The focus in the first round was to gather ideas, concepts, metaphors, which would be refined in the next two rounds. Here is what we got so far:

Note: those proposals should not be judged by the degree of polishing but by the idea.

My two cents

I am not the final decision maker and not one participating in the "contest" (is really is not a contest, more a collaborative work) so I will take the freedom and comment on those proposals.
  • Infinity is an interesting concept, one on which I think I will try myself some modifications. But it is a mix of different concepts and those will have to be moved from photos to vectors and maybe abstracted a lot.
  • Abstract, an abstract theme is something we are talking about as the opposite direction to take after F7. Many are inclined for such an abstract style, whatever metaphor we will chose.
  • Moon show Mola's well known skill, is a very polished (maybe too polished for Round 1) and beautiful image, but I find it to close to the F7 Flying High. I think two consecutive releases should not have so similar graphics, but we can revisit the concept later.
  • Feng Shui a very minimalistic take. I have to make my mind if I prefer the default theme to be so minimalistic or if I prefer a theme like this to be offered as a default alternative.
  • Floating Cubes is a math thing, appealing to our inner geeks, but I fail to see a metaphor in it. Maybe it should take a minimalistic approach and join with Abstract and/or Feng Shui?
  • Thunder - another beautiful and polished work from Mola. A very strong and powerful concept I can identify with. But sadly, I find it too looking too much like F7.

Update: Round 2 will end on 1 August and is dedicated to visual refinement of the images. The way to vote for your favorite is with your time and effort, by providing constructive feedback, preferably with illustrated examples.


  1. I like the Moon and Thunder ideas. I think it would be cool if this artist did a Fedora Galaxy theme. I think the possibilities would be endless.

  2. Well, a Galaxy theme may be proposed for Fedora 9, for now the ideas submission round has ended.

  3. Whilst all the submissions are good I feel pretty similar to the listed summary. I don't feel any particularly Identify or resonate the theme or mood over the Fedora 8 release.

    Nothing seems quite captures the boldness or strength of what to me Fedora 8 will represent compared to other fedora releases. To me fedora 3,5,6 have been the strongest with 7 more a step to 8.

    Could 8 theme be somewhat retrospective tipping the hat to the past and bringing in the future.

    Sorry for the long post I seemed to have more ideas on it than I thought. I could have gone on longer but thought it would be rude.

  4. I don't see any problem with long post, those show insight ant that the poster cares...

    In the second round the designs may change dramatically (as it happened in the past releases), you should not judge them by the actual look.

  5. I have to say I really don't like the "infinity" series, just looks like a bunch of art school pics. Not what makes me think of this OS!

    Abstract would be nice to actually see the work, not a pencil drawing of it..good thought though, can't wait to see it actually done

    Moon, haven't we seen this done already in the balloon? Too similar.

    Feng Shui, boring....I wanna see something that grabs my attention and makes me excited to use this new OS distro

    Floating Cubes, nice, but needs to actually say something with it. Does mean all us Linux users are squares, nerds, etc.?

    Thunder, even though its very similar to the balloon one I like it, it displays the power of the new OS. If it had just the slightest thing added it would be the one to go with....as of this round!