27 July 2007

Spread ODF - web buttons

Red Hat Magazine has an article about ODF: the inevitable format and a follow-up to it with shareable artwork to spread the word. Those who know me should expect I can't resist such temptation and had to come with some derivative graphics, a few buttons in various (standard) sizes:

  •  88x31: spread ODF spread ODF
  • 110x32: spread ODF spread ODF
  • 120x60: spread ODF spread ODF
  • 125x50: spread ODF spread ODF
  • 180x60: spread ODF spread ODF

One question arise: to which page those web buttons are better suited to link? So far, they link to their SVG sources, which you are invited to freely play with.

Update: I got a request, so here are some smaller sizes:
  •  36x13: spread ODF spread ODF
  •  80x15: spread ODF spread ODF


  1. Nicu, thanks for your derivatives. They look much more useful.

    Since you are in graphics and Inkscape, I have a request for you:

    ODF needs a generic file icon. Those with OpenOffice.org are OpenOffice.org’s, not generic ODF. So 16×16, 32×32, etc.

    Also, I’d like to have very small icons that fits a single line of text as the OOo one at http://avi.alkalay.net/2006/08/my-it-presentations.html

  2. on the subject of buttons, i did some for OCAL the other day: