20 March 2008

A first attempt at F9 "Sulphur" media labels

There is still early, with plenty of time until the release but with the Beta expected the next week, maybe some may have use for them, so here is my first attempt at Fedora 9 "Sulphur" media (CD/DVD) labels:

[cd label] [cd label] [cd label]

The first one is an extremely simplified version of "burning sulfur on waves" we feature on the release artwork, the second is an even more simplified version of it (for LightScribe) and the last is just the wallpaper clipped with a CD shape (not printer friendly at all).


  1. The LightScribe one is a bit *too* simplified. LightScribe is capable of reproducing greys, so the sulfur and logo should be full-color.

  2. What about using texture from RHGB?

  3. Dude,stop wasting time with LightScribe based labels for your CDs. My band uses a DiscPainter to make kick ass CD labels. It is fast, clean, and it allows you to be creative with your CD labels without compromises.

  4. It (the DiscPainter) is also not economically sensible unless you really need to care about the appearance of the top of your disc. The price difference between LS and printable DVDs is about $30-40 (against LS) for 100 (where I am), and the ink cartridge to print 100 discs is about $50. Factor in the $200 needed for the printer in the first place and you'd better have a damn good reason for buying one.

  5. @Seth Lord: It does not work like that - if people need and want to use LS, it make sense to provide some optimized graphics if the effort is not that big.

    As for using LS, I don't personally do, but I understand the use case: you may or may not have a printer capable of DP at home, but if you buy a new DVD burner is very likely it can do LS.

  6. http://fedorarules.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/fedora9alpha-banner2_mo.png

    Why burning sulphur? It looks hard to draw and it doesn't look cool, just odd.

    Is burning obligatory?

    Why don't you try just simple sulphur like Mo did on the banner - that looks awesome!

  7. Why burning sulfur? First because this is what we have on the desktop wallpaper and second because I find it a cool association: blue fire, Fedora blue.

  8. Ok.

    Can you please also make alternative non-burning sulphur cd cover?