13 March 2008

How many people in the Fedora Art group?

With FAS2 deployed, it is naturally for everybody to explore its functionality, trying to make the best use of it. Is not that hard from there to get to the list of members in a group, like the Art group, notice a lot of members, 38, realize that some of those names are completely unknown (unknown on the Fedora Art list, other Fedora lists and the larger Fedora universe) and have the initiative for a policy for granting group membership (with all the privileges granted by it).

This is my comment seeing we have 38 people in the group:

If Fedora Art would have 38 active members, then it would be better looking than OS X

Read this as you want either that I believe we are close enough to the OS X quality that we can match and surpass it or that I think it is such a high, unreachable, number that the goal will remain apiece in the sky.


  1. From what I've seen last time I got in touch OS X, we do far better :)

  2. Your gimp tutorials are great!

    Thank you for sharing them!

    Greetings from Argentina!