01 April 2009

Fedora Webcomic Special: The Beta Nazi

I guess that a Beta release deserves a special edition don't you think so? Even if it is overloaded with TV references and internet memes... now maybe I can get "hooche mama" out of my head :D (believe or not, it was a tough decision to go with it or "yo yo mama" as the final line)

[fedora webcomic: beta nazi]


  1. Ceiling cat is watching you using Fedora.

  2. Title is just disgusting. I now it's used inflationary in the US, but go and take a history lesson or watch the (German) news about these morons, please.

  3. Anonymous, I think you should go and take a look at the Soup Nazi (Seinfeld).

  4. Most people in North America will get the Seinfeld "Soup Nazi" reference -- I got it immediately -- so Anonymous should lighten up.

    Keep up the good work, Nicu.