14 April 2009

A messy desktop?

The past day when blogging about the new Leonidas backgrounds, Martin apologised for his messy desktop, which made me think: if that's messy, then how I should call my desktop?

my really messy desktop

PS: and this is after I did some cleaning the past week, when wiped F10 and installed F11 Beta.


  1. Hehe, it would take me ages to find something there XD

    In my case it is too messy to nicely show the wallpaper (and it contains some things I've been planning months to remove), but in your case it is even on totaly different level ^_^

  2. I use the solution: just put everything in your home directory.

    I could use a script that could move everything from Desktop into the home directory when the files sat too much time on the Desktop.

  3. Alex, and then I would need to use the home directory as my desktop, to have one-click access to those "important" files...

  4. To me, the difference is that the home directory has a scrollbar, and the destkop doesn't.