12 April 2010

My geek card

I ask quite often my friends/colleagues to return their geek card when they fail at basic geeky things (like not knowing basic things about Trek or D&D) and I also strongly believe in putting your money where you mouth, so I decided to eat crow publicly:

1. do not write, asking what the video is about
2. thinking deeply, I suspect I may didn't failed at being a true geek, but reinforced my übergeekiness.


  1. What do Star Trek and D&D have to do with being a geek? They're just cultural artifacts. The important part of geekdom is a state of mind.

  2. @Anonymous
    Yes, they are cultural artifacts, but it becomes geeky when you starting quoting, giving examples from or drawing parallels from it.

    N-am înțeles de ce la un moment dat arăți L-ul de la looser, geek nu egal tocilar. E doar o concepție a oamenilor cu o cunoaștere foarte limitată a limbii engleze și a faptului că nu orice cuvânt are echivalent în orice limbă.

  3. @Anonymous: those are part of the geek culture... I don't expect all geeks to be fans of both Trek, D&D, SW, H2G2 and so on, but I expect they are at least vaguely familiar with the topics.

    @Manuel: termenul nu e egal cu tocilar ci se foloseste pentru a defini persoane obsedate de chestii intelectuale and stuff si "normalii" asa ne vad pe noi, ca niste loseri (atentie la ortografiere si la numarul de "o"-uri!). Un true geek accepta (ca in "embrace") etichetarea asta si chiar scoate ochii lumii cu ea.