29 April 2010

Spring panorama

Under the pretense of preparing a lightning talk about panoramic photography in Linux with Hugin for the next RLUG meet, the other day I spent an early evening in the Japanese Garden of Herastrau Park in Bucharest taking photos (not only) for panoramas. So if you like the topic, I may have an interesting presentation about it.

click to enlarge


  1. I just learned how to stitch together panoramas with Gimp. Here is one of my efforts:


  2. With GIMP? so you did all the stitching manually, is a lot of work... I am doing it with Hugin.

  3. nice..i like this panoramic view of spring..arent there cameras that have panoramic feature?

  4. Alice, indeed, there are some cameras that have a panoramic mode, they will create photos wider than normal. But they won't make a 180° or 360° view, for such things the only option is to take multiple shots and combine them somehow (I use Hugin on Linux for this operation)