24 December 2010

A book for Xmas

In the middle of the preparations for a sad Christmas a courier rang at the door: "I have a package for Mr. Buculei"... me, in my mind: "WTF? I didn't ordered anything... Oh, it must be the book!"

A few weeks ago a couple of my friends who are writing a FOSS book together (don't ask, they will talk about it when they will feel ready for that) asked me for a review of their proposal, I did it and the publisher offered as compensation a book of my choosing from the InformIT offer. As many of their books, about Microsoft and Adobe products, are uninteresting, my choice was for the single photography book not mentioning Photoshop.


The book is beginner-oriented but at the time I had a friend making the first steps into photography who I am sure would have loved it, so the plan was to give it to her. Now I will start by reading it myself, any book must have something useful to learn.

So... thank you my friends, thank you publisher.


  1. Hi I have recently bought a really cheap camera to start playing with, and I wanted to know if you can give me some advice to start learning how to take better photographs, mostly of landscapes, animals, architecture etc.
    Also what open source program would you recommend to manage my photos?

    Regards, have a nice day

  2. By advice I mean if you can recommend me any book or website that from where I can learn something about photography.

    sorry for the double post.

  3. here is a very good website to learn from: http://photo.net/learn/

    As a book good for beginners I liked http://www.amazon.com/Scott-Kelbys-Digital-Photography-Volumes/dp/0321678737/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1293540312&sr=1-3 - actually I had a set with the first two volumes, which I liked and then bought the third volume separately and found it weaker.

    I edit my photos with GIMP and don't use anything special to manage them, however, I found and liked a lot Darktable (available only on Linux, very similar with Adobe Lightroom) - is awesome but I still prefer the additional power of GIMP.

  4. Thank you Nicu! I didn't know Darktable! best wishes and happy new year!