03 December 2010

Clipart spotting: HotForWords

I do watch constantly a single one YouTube channel, HotForWords where the "teacher" Marina Orlova has weekly lessons about the origins and meanings of various English words, made in a funny style, with a very cute Russian accent and sometime with a sexy blond wig. The show has millions of viewers, is really popular.

Today I was effectively floored seeing in the latest video one of my clipart images, a pencil (used there to illustrate the term "-graphy", "write") appearing suddenly on the screen (around minute 1:19). I have no idea it was taken directly from my clipart collection or from OCAL, but this does not matter, my day is already a lot better see how my Inkscape made, Public Domain released, clipart is used in my favorite show and going to be seen by millions. In an episode about the origins of the word "porn", no less. I feel like I made a difference.


Update: minutes after I published this, here is a folow-up on Marina'a blog. Thanks a lot.


  1. Check it out Nicu: http://www.hotforwords.com/2010/12/02/i-used-this-guys-clipart-pencil-in-my-video/


  2. Or maybe a clickable link might be in order:


  3. Ok, can i be floored more than this?

  4. article update with a reference to Marina's blog.

  5. Enormous !!!
    You should make another blog post :
    "How to make cool new friends, releasing free stuff !!"

  6. LOOOL true... in fact, how to make intelligent, sexy and cool friends releasing artwork :P

  7. and she did it again in the Teddy Bear! video :)

  8. third time is a charm: this time a heart, used in the french kiss episode