11 August 2011

Sorry, no CDs

I got asked if I can provide some Fedora CDs for an upcoming install fest (happening in October). My answer was a straight one: sorry, I don't have any due to GNOME 3, I am not willing to spread that thing so I got no CD. Maybe if I go to FUDCon and find there some Xfce disks available, I will bring some, but in limited quantity, since I will have little space available in my bags.

Then I was asked if I can point to someone else who may have such CDs and my answer was straight again: I don't know any active Fedora ambassador still based in Romania (my friends moved). So no luck, I guess they will have to use self-recorded disks or USB drives.

(and no, I was not lured elsewhere)

Update: Just after I pressed "publish" I received an IM from an old contributor, wich was silent for the last couple of years and re-started after the last FLOSSCamp:

he: i installed fedora 15 on my laptop and can't understand what's about this interface
me: gnome 3?
he: i think so...
he: but i didn't think is that bad:|
me: i was protesting against it from the beginning and refused to upgrade
me: try Xfce
he: can't install gnome 2 ?
me: in fedora 15? not
me: someone tried a port but is still work in progress
he: meh, i think i will install fedora 14 and call it a day:)) is way too much...
me: that's what I did
he: ok... we'll talk after I get a working system


  1. You're too headstrong :-D Due to F15 I got kind of addicted to XFCE. I love it now even more than GNOME 2, even though it's not perfect ;-) Argh, that reminds me I downloaded F16 Alpha RC3 XFCE Live and need to try it out :-p Even Linus uses XFCE now!

  2. in a couple of releases (so around Fedora 20) Xfce may get to the level of GNOME 2.x (considering the development stay at the current level, hopefully it will be accelerated with such famous persons switching over)

  3. There's a multi-live-spin DVD image for F15 which has been used at several cons, I believe. It comes with the main desktop spins all on one DVD, and gives you a boot menu where you pick which spin to boot. You could always ask for some of those.

  4. if i manage to get to FUDCon and there are some available, will take a few, not many since the next release in near, making them obsolete and i learned how hard is to give away CDs, last time when i had 100 it was really hard to find users for them.

  5. Nicu, you are our hero! I think most people did not know that the new "user interface" would totally replace the perfectly working gnome panel. At least for me that was a total surprise.

  6. Haha, I'm sure that if there was only "one repo (ex Fedora rawhide)" in Fedora, it will be more stable and usable and they don't "make shit like that" :-)