08 August 2011

FLOSSCamp 2011

"Where the Irinas are, why didn't you bring them?" was a question I was repeatedly asked at FLOSSCamp, the 5th edition of the Romanian Free and Open Source Software annual gathering. I could only smile and reply "they aren't mine, they were with Ceata, which is pretty much dissolved by now".

flosscamp 2011

Long story short, past week-end people from various communities meet at this social event, near Bran and Șimon in Romania, in the middle of some beautiful scenery (I may have some wallpapers at a later time).
flosscamp 2011

It was some wonderful company, seeing again many old friends from all corners of the country:
flosscamp 2011

And we had some unexpected funny company: the dog, the cow and the cat, inhabitants of the mountain (I didn't manage to capture a pic of the deers or the lizards and butterfly are kind of cliche).
flosscamp 2011 flosscamp 2011 flosscamp 2011

The food was great (and unrelated with the above-mentioned animals):
flosscamp 2011

And the camp fire warm (in all senses):
flosscamp 2011

Myself, I didn't manage to recapture the magic of last year, but still got an interesting sunrise:
flosscamp 2011

one over another, it was a big mix of various projects, with people from GSL, RLUG/Prolinux, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, FreeBSD, Mozilla, GNOME, Wikipedia and other projects which escape my memory for the moment (sorry guys and girls):
flosscamp 2011

All like a big, happy family:
flosscamp 2011

And for all those who didn't attend: we missed you :(

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  1. Quoting from you:

    "Ceata, which is pretty much dissolved by now"

    I can only say we were doing just fine, continuing projects and launching new ones, thanks for asking!

    Now we are doing the same thing. Drop by and see for yourself: http://ceata.org, http://fii-liber.ro, http://cartea-libera.org, http://liste.ceata.org.