04 October 2011

From Milano: the big photo dump

I was asked repeatedly about my photos from the Milano FUDCon, when and where will be posted and I always replied a big photo dump is coming in the next days, after I get home. And that time is now, I am posting, as I did with the other previous FUDCons, a big dump with many photos, barely sorted and unedited: I don't have that much free time and I was not making art there. Bigger versions may be available upon request, but you can use them freely, as in CC-BY-SA, anyway.

When time will be available, hopefully this week, I am going to dump a bunch of my "travel" photos, with what I saw from the city. Probably it will be linked only from the photography blog.


  1. And who do you think will go one by one and download by hand all the photos :D ?

  2. LE : I cant wait the town's foul blog post on this one.

  3. so far nobody asked for all the photos... who would need them? people usually need only a few, the ones they appear in