10 October 2011

Late to the voting but still in time

After FUDCon I got caught by a lot of work, realizing very little about the world around, so somehow I missed the announcement for the F17 codename vote. And, with disappointment, I should acknowledge beefy miracle it was not my first option, as I expected (and I waited for... years), I felt into temptation by never (with "beefy miracle" as a close and single second), it enables for so many bad jokes... "when **** will ****? in F17, never!!!"


  1. 'Never' sounds a bit pessimistic... I'm not a Fedora user but I would have voted for 'Liege' for some reason. Sounds the most in line with the previous codenames I see on Wikipedia.

  2. i am surprised to see how many people voted for "Liege", it was the second most voted after 'Beefy Miracle'. which is the winner. why surprised? because i find it boooooring :)