24 April 2012

Release names: it's supposed to be fun

I see people campaigning hard on Planet Fedora against having release names, it heated now since the vote on this matter is closing in a few days. Time to bring balance in the force: why do we need release names?

Because is supposed to be fun!

Of course, there are many other arguments for it, ranging from identity to putting a warmer face on the project for the external actors (potential contributors?) to involving our community, but all those are trumped by the most important argument, this is a community, not a corporation, were we should be friends and have fun time together, not wear suits, be silent and serious and work like robots. No, no, no, is a place where we want people to come in their free time and feel good.

Some will pick on the F17 having a silly name as "Beefy Miracle"... guess what? This particular code name was voted by the community exactly for its silliness, don't be grumpy. Some others will pick on it for a perceived religious offence. Guess what? Anything on this world will find someone unhappy with it, don't be an extremist. Next time it may be your turn to propose a name. Some others will complain about the waste of resources for selecting the names. Guess what? I'm sure the benefits overweight the resource used and I guess all this campaign wastes a comparable amount of resources.

So I voted in favor of keeping the release names as I believe having them is a benefit.

PS: for every "Beefy Miracle" there is also a "Zod" or a "Werewolf".


  1. Yes, but when the release name becomes the subject of jokes then it works against the distribution and not for it.

    I like release names, but there should be parameters that do not lead to mistakes that could hurt the distro winning acceptance.

    1. what better parameter can it be than 'it was voted by the community'? of course 'Beefy Miracle' is subject of jokes, it was designed tongue-in-cheek.