19 September 2005

What is wrong with games by 'bedroom programmers'?

Citing from this bullshit article:

There are uncomfortable similarities between the OSS development process and the situation that arose in the computer games industry in the early 1980s, where legions of 'bedroom programmers' produced video console games of such poor quality that, despite selling in tens of thousands, they nearly destroyed the industry.

The games industry learned a valuable lesson from this experience and is now arguably the most highly trained and disciplined software development community in the world. This professionalism in software development is cited as a major contributory factor to the explosive growth that the computer games industry has enjoyed over the last 10 years.

Indeed, this is why the large majority of games produced today are the crap series made by Electronic Arts, dreaming of the golden age of games made by those 'bedroom programmers', when it was fun to play original and innovative games.

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