14 June 2007

Authoring SVG websites with Inkscape

This really is an interesting idea: create websites using Inkscape exclusively and publish them on the web in SVG. In theory it should be fine, SVG is a W3C standard so it should be supported by browsers (and I personally don't care about browsers not supporting W3C standards - cough, IE, cough), Gecko 1.9 and Firefox 3.0 are coming with better SVG support, Inkscape in nice (But not perfect) for authoring websites.
So far the main blocker I see is the way Google and other search engines index SVG files, the reports are mixed, some say they are indexed full-text, other say they they are indexed as images, some say they are not indexed at all.
My own experience show the SVG files from my personal SVG clipart collection don't have assigned any value for PageRank despite being online for a few years already and barely show in search results.

So I did a very small (3 pages) and simple website 100% with SVG and I link it from a couple of blogs waiting for crawlers to index it. After a few weeks will try various queries in search engines and see what shows up.

If you have additional ideas or knowledge please share in the comments.


  1. These are very interesting tests.

    I can see the pages on Firefox 2.0 on Windows. I don't know what are those advanced SVG features the page has that are missing.

    I can't select any text. And I was not able to find your page on Google.

    I have an SVG project, to define icons for blogs: The Blog Icons. I thought about using them as regular images, as <img src="icon.svg"/>, but that doesn't work. I have to export them to some other format. And embed icons on a XHTML page is not very practical.

    On the other hand, SVG can be useful to create scalable images on a page. For example, when I connect my laptop to a lowres TV, I can increase the font sizes, but not the images size. So small images as icons are useless on this type of media.

  2. Very good idea - please keep your readers up2date about the results.
    I wrote a small post in my blog including a link to help this project.

  3. Well, be sure to use the Google Analytics page to see how they see it!

  4. Guys, thanks for your help!

    avi, it can't be yet on Google as the website was published a few minutes before I posted, it usually takes at least of couple of days.
    About using SVG inside HTML: for the moment is not possible to use them with IMG, you have to use EMBED.
    As advanced features, I used a bit of blur which is shown as solid black on FF2.0.

    liquidat, thanks for the link, much appreciated...

    renato I have the site in Google Webmasters Tools and have full access to the web server logs, so I can know everything. As for Analytics, will try to include their script, but I also have to find a way to not break SVG validation with it.

  5. Hey Nicu! I'm still on Firefox 1.5 and your pages looked great. Just so you know!

  6. yeah, máirin FF1.5 and FF2.0 have about the same Gecko and I did not abused the blur effect.
    But my first concern is how Google will deal with those pages, only after that I may start the real abuse :D

  7. One month later, here are my conclusions on the matter.