29 June 2007

I can't draw but I want to draw people faces (with Inkscape)

As probably my loyal readers are used to, I write tutorials at a very low level, suitable for beginners. In the same note, today I'll talk about how to draw people faces (or hackergotchis) with Inkscape even if you don't know how to draw.
Something like this:

inkscape tutorial hackergotchi

The basics: import a photo in Inkscape and using the calligraphic tool draw on top of it and then fill with colors and add highlights and shadows.
Sound interesting? Read more.

At some point I had the idea to make it a screencast, but the video would be long and in need for some editing. PiTiVi is far from usable and Avidemux2 can't work with Ogg, so I'm back to HTML, which is good, a HTML page is better indexed in search engines compared with a video :p

 This tutorial has also a Romanian translation.


  1. Excelent! Keep up the good work

  2. Thanks for this tutorial.
    I was kinda annoyed with my photo hackergotchi, so I'll give inscape a try :-)

  3. How about Istanbul for a screencast.

  4. stavrosg, consider this a challenge, give it a try and show it to the world :D

    fernando, yes Istanbul is very good to capture the screencast, but this particular one is long and repetitive, so the movie will need a little editing - delete a few parts, to not bore the viewer.

  5. i said it on inkscapeforum.com, but ill say it again...

    thanks nicu! this tut is awesome!

  6. Thanks for your words!
    I was not very sure about publishing this, it is very basic. Long but basic and obvious.

  7. Awesome work Nicu! Great tutorials. Hopefully I'll get mine done soon and replace my Simpsons blog avatar.

  8. Thanks Nicu, I'm able to trace my photo :) .

  9. gosh! I have no ideia that there's was a name for do this stuff, such a world! Great blog man, I bacame your reader now! peace!

  10. Thanks for this tutorial.

  11. Hi, I will like make a Portuguese version of this tutorial, for te Brazilian Inkscape comunity! Okay?!


  12. Sure, feel free to translate it under CC-BY-SA

  13. Okay my friend, here is the link of the portuguese translation:


    See you!!


  14. i'm very like Inkscape, wonderful FOSS.... thanks for all....this's my first time in graphic,
    Very good Tutor !!!! Thanks NICU !!!


  15. Nice one.


    ^ Here's mine using Gimp.

  16. Very clear, informative tutorial and a big help to people new to Inkscape and vector drawing (like me).

    Thanks very much!

  17. Thanks ! It's nice to be able to find a helpful tut on the net. I'm somewhat new to using Inkscape. Also having problems understanding it.

    I used Photoimpact 8 before this ! Photshop CS2 does make the vector I seek ! So this will have to do ?! Thanks again

  18. I think the same could have been achieved with the use of bezier curve. Well the sketching is not a pen, but editing those nodes are really a tough job.

    So, why don't u show the alternative of Bezier Curve, that could be a nice tutorial and easy too for many of us, working with paths.


  19. @Samundra: indeed, you can do the same using Beziers and then converting them to path, I did something like thins in another tutorial for drawing RPG buildings.

  20. here i have made one