26 June 2007

Copyleft icons

This morning I played a bit with the Copyleft symbol, by making some shiny variations. If I have those, I think I'll share them with the world along with their SVG sources, you never know when someone needs such things:

copyleft copyleft

And this self-ironic Copyleft Commie flag:


  1. i really like those, nicu!

    what licence are you releasing them under?

    i think i have mulitple uses for these!

  2. oh, the above comment was from me: ryanlerch :P

  3. Ryan, my blog is published as CC-BY-SA, so anything on it is under the same license.
    I am completely open to publishing them on any other (freer) license as well, I may go even with PD but I am not sure (and too bored to search and learn) if those are not logos and I am allowed or not to put them as PD.
    GPL (3 of course :D ) is another good choice as a license :p