22 August 2007

Bribery: GIMP 2.4 RC1

[gimp]With GIMP 2.4 so close (RC1 landed a few days ago in Rawhide), it just does not make sense to write new tutorials using 2.2, they will be obsolete from the start, so anything new better be based on 2.4.

The ways to have it are: run Rawhide, wait a couple of weeks for F8T2 and do tutorials with a LiveCD or build myself. Not being brave enough, I'll try a fourth way: the bribery, trying to get a yumable GIMP 2.4 RC1 for F7, pretty please! What should I offer?

I am sure a lot of people would appreciate such package as the new version has a lot on new features and interface improvements.

Update: A few days later, I found a package.


  1. Nicu, chiar iti apreciez tutorialele ... tine-o tot asa :)

    Desi referitor la Gimp 2.4 ... probabil o sa upgradez prin Noiembrie, dupa ce apare Ubuntu Gutsy.

  2. Da, asta e ideea, upgrade in Noiembrie cind o sa iasa Ubuntu, Fedora, whatever... Dar nu ar fi util ca atunci deja sa existe tutoriale scrise de unii ca mine?

  3. YES PLEASE I WANT 2.4!!!!!!!!111111111 I will help fund the bribe! ;-)

  4. Awesome! I was hoping 2.4 would released in time to make it into Fedora 8. This is great news!

    Yes, an RPM for F7 would be great too!

  5. So Gimp 2.4 RC 1 is in rawhide which means it'll make it to Fedora 8...


    It's not yummable but, if you update whatever packages it complains about in FC6 using yum, and then rpm install this package, it'll install and work fine.

  6. I was afraid to install the Rawhide package over F7 thinking of possible dependencies and not wanting to upgrade half of my install... but if you say so, I will try and at least see which dependencies are needed.

  7. It allowed me to install the Rawhide rpm with only one additional dependency update, gutenprint, but still no luck for me, it won't start: "gimp: symbol lookup error: gimp: undefined symbol: g_once_init_enter_impl", it seems I need more updates... back to 2.3.18 for now