28 August 2007

GIMP 2.4 RC1 in F7

[gimp]After my lame bribery attempt last week for a yummable GIMP 2.4 RC1 for Fedora 7 I got some feedback and tried even the Rawhide rpm, which installed (only with gutenprint as a required update) but refused to work ("gimp: symbol lookup error: gimp: undefined symbol: g_once_init_enter_impl").

Fortunately, I found a working F7 rpm and I am happy. The package was not a result of my request, so my bribe remains unclaimed, but I still give a big Thank you! to the packager.


  1. Was on vacation last week, so all bribery in my direction was futile (then ;-). I can build the 2.4rc1 one for F7, but I prefer leaving it on koji -- I've got two bug reports up to now which would advise against pushing the RC package to the repositories.

    Let me know if that's helpful.

  2. You could guess that I'm new to this blogging thingie... My mail address is: nphilipp AT redhat DOT com

  3. Thanks for the comment Nils.
    I know you are the GIMP maintainer and know how to use Bugzilla, but the truth is my "bribery" was not targeted at you, I honestly not expected to see RC1 in F7 (I understand a RC2 is coming and the final is not that far) so is a sane thing to skip it.
    I hoped for an external build, just like someone a little more experienced than me get the Rawhide srpms and do a build and I found something.

  4. Thank you for sharing the link. The RC works like a charm for me.