15 August 2007

Userbars, Fedora, Inifinity

Userbars are some small graphics (350x19) used by forums posters in their signature to show their interests, affiliation, hobbies. Recently I used to post a little more than usual (where "usual" for me was "almost never") on a few forums, but I had no userbar.

What can I do? Of course, make a Fedora userbar for myself, and with the current Ligher Touch for Máirín's Infinity, obviously I had to use it to show how much I like the graphics:


Of course I have available another graphic, more "classic" and boring:

update: more Fedora userbars, including "developers" and "ambassadors".


  1. great work, thanks for sharing!

    I miss one with Máirín's Lighter Touch / Infinity GDM background.

  2. Hey Nicu, they look great!

    On a somewhat related note -

    I was thinking for the plain lighter touch background (The one for GDM) it might be nice to have some gentle rays of light beams coming down from the upper left. Do you know any tricks for achieving this effect in Inkscape without making it so slow to use it's painful? Something like this is what I'm looking for:




    I'm trying to do it with straight thick strokes and applying blur on each, but it slows Inkscape to a crawl. :( I don't remember Inkscape getting to be this slow by using blur. :(

  3. Yeah, I know about the performance hit caused by excessive blur...
    Recently a patch got in SVN which should improve blur rendering, so using a development version could be much better (and indeed, those photos look awesome with the light rays and all).